is about creating exceptional concepts
to make the difference
with the holistic approach to
design, branding & management
by crossing over cultures
to experience a total solution service platform


    • BE.SIGN is a cross design - & cross culture - concept minded company, aimed at consulting Western brands and Chinese clients to design, structure or restructure their product ranges, to build or re-build their brands through the creative and holistic approach of prestige experiences, from fashion design, lifestyle product design over interior design to market-oriented branding.
    • BE.SIGN offers very efficient collaboration conditions due to an international network of professionals and a team of multidisciplinary partners.
    • BE.SIGN has rich experience in sourcing, product development and market introduction of especially high-end products in Europe and Asia, especially in India, and China.
    • BE.SIGN provides reliable integrated support to each client and highest performance through its project module system (Total Solution Service Platform).
    • BE.SIGN's creative and social engagement is guided by a rich European - Asian knowledge and understanding of different cultures to the benefit of all its clients.

    Khaled Bouharrour



    Diplom Designer (Mdes)
    Industrial Design, Textile / Fashion Design

    • Mr Khaled Bouharrour is the BE.SIGN Founder & Head of Design Management. He started working in the fashion industry in 1986 and has worked for different international fashion and textile companies in various directive positions managing Design / Product -development, Production and Marketing for the luxury and commercial fashion industry (Dior New York, Boussac LVMH Paris, Lenzing Lyocell/Tencel – Ecological Man-made Fibre Austria, Weisbrod-Zuerrer Switzerland, Miroglio Italy/Germany/China).
    • Mr Bouharrour has worked for Dior, YSL, Thierry Mugler, KL, Ungaro, Kenzo (France); Gucci, Prada, Cavalli, Gigli, ITIERRE, D&G (Italy); Adolfo Dominguez, Zara, Pedro del Hiero (Spain); Escada, MCM, Rena Lange, Ulf Moritz Home (Germany); Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Burberry (UK) and Jeremy Scott, Ann Taylor, DKNY (USA).
    • Extensive travel and living in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Argentina, USA, India, Indonesia and China has enriched Mr Bouharrour’s understanding of cultural diversity and his capacity to adapt to local practices.
    • Being inspired by those experiences, he has used cross-cultural research and design innovation in his various projects, by introducing and marrying different cultures and customs with his original concepts.
    • His longstanding experience in design management is accompanied by a deep and passionate understanding of branding and marketing culture as well as social competence.
    • Mr Bouharrour founded BE.SIGN in Zurich, Switzerland in 2002 and BE.SIGN Ltd. in Hong Kong in 2005, where he started to provide design services exclusively to Chinese clients.
    • Today he is invited by Western brands as an insight expert for the high-end market in China. He is sharing his knowledge about the important details to support the brands’ successful marketing and branding approach.




    • BE.SIGN Creative Engagement GmbH is a design consulting company established in 2002 in Zurich, Switzerland with offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai.
    • The initial idea: to create a Total Service Solution Platform with the holistic approach of using the multidisciplinary fields of design, management and branding. This idea was successfully implemented with the BE.SIGN-departments ‘Fashion’ and ‘Interior’ and with the support of a selected network of local and international partners & specialists in Europe / Asia / Greater China.


    • BE.SIGN projects are based on more than 25 years experience in the international design industry including 14 years production experience in Europe and Asia.
    • BE.SIGN has been actively engaged in China since April 2005, offering its services to Western and Chinese clients.





    • Fashion Daily 29 March 2010 - “About the Situation and Chances of Western Fashion Brands in China and - Made in China” with Khaled Bouharrour – BE.SIGN Europe & Asia, Tsai Hsieh Wang - Shiatzy Chen Taiwan, Qiu Yafu - Shandong Ruyi China, Angelia Teo - WGSN Hongkong, Pierre-Francois LeLouet - Nelly Rody Paris and Michel Rouleau - Les Galleries Lafayette Paris:


    • Ambassador Nov/Dec 2008 - Presentation of the modern-style designed exclusive wine club lounge “Globus” in the building 1933, the restored oldest slaughter house of Shanghai at Hong Kou district near the Bund. Design Khaled Bouharrour, Realization BE.SIGN Ltd:


    • Harpers Bazaar March 2007 - “Bali – the Island of Boehme”  with Khaled Bouharrour BE.SIGN Interior, Fashion & Lifestyle Design, Katya Gomiashvili EMPEROR MOTH Fashion Brand, Lucienne Anhar Tugu Hotel & Spa and John Hardy Jewellery:


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