Fashion Design


Fibres, Yarns and Fabrics

  • Design of exclusive luxury textiles as well as entire consumer market-oriented collections with structured product ranges for women and men's wear. Introduction of newest fibre generations and yarn innovations in order to create sustainable qualities.
  • Product development in all techniques as woven, colour woven, jacquard, print, jersey, embroidery and technical finishing processes. Extensive know-how concerning visual, tactile, quality and price-features for middle range and especially high-end and luxury products.


  • Conception and planning of women's wear collections including styling, sizing and following-up of production.


Accessories / Lifestyle

  • Design and product development of accessories such as jewellery and leather wear.

Interior Design


BE.SIGN is engaged to provide products with the best quality and design based on the combination of style and sustainability.



In- & Exterior

  • Design concepts for private homes, restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, and commercial lifestyle areas.
  • Services include providing layout / floor plans, budgeting, design and production of furnishings.
  • The project management includes coordinating the contractor.
  • Designing and sourcing of materials such as wood, marble etc.


Home textiles

  • Designed and produced as an exclusive product and as an entire fabric collection to be introduced in a specific market.


  • Trend research and realization of new optics for surfaces and execution of exclusive art painting.


Home Accessories

  • Designed and produced home accessories using traditional and modern materials.
  • Exclusive high-end products as well as a quality wholesale range.



  • Designing and producing of indoor and outdoor furniture. Use of traditional and modern materials.
  • Exclusive high-end products as well as a quality wholesale range.




  • Design Consultancy includes trend research, concept analysis and product feasibility studies to provide suggestions for the custom-made project management such as planning, product development and implementation. Includes innovation management to structure product ideas and their release.
  • Brand Strategy especially in Asia and greater China
    • Position the brand and enhance its visibility and credibility.
    • Identify and establish a relevant customer group.
    • Identify and select suitable distribution channels and partners to create sustainable sales.
    • Provide consultancy services to achieve defined objectives in the areas of online / e-commerce and offline.
  • Endorsement / Brand Ambassador: BE.SIGN’s network can provide connections to Western, Asian and Chinese celebrities and as well opinion leaders.
  • BE.SIGN collaborates with its clients in the form of:
    • External Engagement, based on a general consultation contract regarding services ranging from colour & material trend forecasting and designs, special product development and quality testing, to production control of prototypes and facilities.
    • Internal Engagement, based on an exclusive consultation contract regarding the integration of BE.SIGN services and work force, support and operation within the client's company structure.


  • BE.SIGN ensures the highly confidential collaboration of all engaged specialists.




  • BE.SIGN provides sourcing services for material and production capabilities regarding fabrics, garments and fashion accessories. We focus especially on:
    o    Sourcing of materials such as wood and marble etc.,
    o    Sourcing home textiles, accessories, furniture and decoration.



  • BE.SIGN’s international network of collaborating, partnered specialists and clients allows to purchase and investment in:
    • Different areas of exclusive real estate in Europe      (residences, villas, hotels, office buildings, vineyards).
    • Artwork, especially contemporary Chinese art.









Zurich Office

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